Street Reach Indy

A public campaign providing critical financial support to Indianapolis homeless.

A joint initiative between CHIP & Downtown Indy, Inc.

The Campaign

Street Reach Indy funds provide critical financial support to help individuals leave homelessness and find permanent housing. The campaign is operated by the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention (CHIP) with support from Downtown Indy, Inc. It is supported through donations and sponsorships from Indianapolis businesses, organizations, and community members. The goal is simple: to improve the lives of our city’s homeless in the most meaningful ways possible.

Your donation directly benefits the work of the homeless service providers. Homeless service providers offer first-response services to Indianapolis’ homeless. They are organizations including local law-enforcement, nonprofits, health providers, and mental health entities. Homeless service providers work on the frontline providing basic food and supplies to the homeless, with the goal of developing a relationship with each person and connecting him or her with resources to transition into permanent housing. Street Reach Indy funds are able to serve as “barrier buster” funds, helping tear down obstacles and allowing an individual to move into a place of their own. In 2016, over $50,000 was raised; using these funds, 61 individuals either moved into permanent housing or made significant steps in doing so. With more funds, providers can help more individuals (and families) reach the necessary services needed to return them to a path of self-sufficiency.

To our partners and supporters, thank you for helping end homelessness in our community. However, we still have a long way to go.

Your donation quickly and easily reaches those who are in need, homeless, and on the streets of Indianapolis. If you like to learn more, email us at [email protected] or call us at (317) 472-7643.