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Despite the fact that club football is now on hiatus, almost all fans have good opportunities to earn money. 1xBet proffer betting site in Ghana already today. You can make predictions for how the season of a particular championship will end. Predictions are also accepted for the Premier League games, where the recent season was rather ambiguous for Liverpool. On the one hand, the team eventually managed to take the third place, but on the other hand, this is a clear regression, because a year before the Reds easily won the title. Now, by the middle of the season, it became obvious that Klopp's players wouldn’t be able to finish at the first position. The main reason for this is numerous injuries of the leaders, primarily the defenders. The 1xBet betting site proffers favourable conditions for the clients in Ghana. They can predict results of the Reds' matches, who this time decided to immediately take on the composition of the roster. So, already at the beginning of summer, Liverpool signed a contract with Konate, the central defender of Leipzig. It is he who should become one of the pillars of the team's defense in the near future. Go to the special site section at - here you will surely find a lot of interesting games of the Merseysiders. In general, Konate's contract looks like a logical decision. However, Liverpool definitely needs a couple more players, because Wijnaldum has left, and there will certainly be injuries in the upcoming season. It can also be seen that players who won the Premier League and Champions League lack motivation now. It is practically pointless to hope for a triumph in the championship with them in the squad.

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Don't be afraid to make your predictions for matches of the Reds today. Try 1xBet mobile version, and profitable predictions will always be at your fingertips. As for the prospects of Liverpool in the fight for the title, the team definitely has certain chances, because its advantages include:

  • Cool and well-played lineup.
  • Skills of leaders who are able to decide the outcome of any episode in favour of their club at any time.
  • Experience of the head coach. Klopp is clearly preparing something unusual for his rivals. With such a coach, fans can always count on achieving a good result.
The team has a busy season ahead, but if it expects to compete for the title, it's necessary to demonstrate its maximum already today. In the meantime, try betting in the 1xBet mobile version and express your opinion on what to expect from Klopp and his players.